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[texts]Los Cuentos - yolanda roman

Keywords: definitions; spanish
Downloads: 94
[texts]Definitions Arabic
Keywords: Definitions_arabic
Downloads: 12
[texts]Definitions English
Keywords: Definitions_English
Downloads: 20
[audio]Vodcast Definitions - Tavis Riederer
Supplement for slideshare
Keywords: vod; cast; definitions
Downloads: 41
[movies]Normal Form Definitions
Normal Form Definitions
Keywords: Normal Form Definitions
Downloads: 8
[audio]Blogs and Podcasts - pamcdonn
These are definitions of these emerging technologies.
Keywords: education; blogs; podcasts; definitions
Downloads: 25
[audio]Wed530 Podcast Defined - cmburke
This is a description of podcasting.
Keywords: education; podsacting; definitions
Downloads: 30
Wide Area Information Servers Project Documentation, Scanned and uploaded in 2013.
Keywords: WAIS; Internet History; Definitions
Downloads: 31
[texts]Judicial and Statutory Definitions of Words and Phrases Vol. 4 (1904) - West Publishing Company, West Publishing Co., St . Paul
Book digitized by Google and uploaded to the Internet Archive
Keywords: Judicial; Statutorym Definitions; Words; Phrases
Downloads: 37
[movies]The Danger Of Compatibilism - Chandler Klebs
Compatibilism is sort of a dangerous thing. If someone defends a type of free will defined as "I have free will if I am doing what I want.", it misses the point that we don't choose our own desires. For most people this is not something they care about.The reason that determinism is the traditional talent to free will is because the type of free will that many people have believed in is one that is free from prior causes...
Keywords: free will; determinism; compatibilism; definitions
Downloads: 10
[movies]MTN Word Station ID's 4 - John Akre
Station Identifications for the community TV channels in Minneapolis.
Keywords: public access; community television; definitions
Downloads: 470
[movies]MTN Word Station ID's 6 - John Akre
Station ID's for the community television station in Minneapolis.
Keywords: public access; community television; definitions
Downloads: 345
[texts]NEFAC Aims & Principles - NEFAC
The Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists is an organization of revolutionaries coming from different resistance movements who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism. The federation's activities are organized around theoretical development, anarchist propaganda, and intervention in the struggle of our class, be it autonomously or by direct involvement in social movements.
Keywords: anarcho-communists; definitions; organizing; federation
Downloads: 59
[texts]ERIC ED214952: Evaluation Thesaurus. Third Edition. - ERIC
This is a thesaurus of terms used in evaluation. It is not restricted in scope to educational or program evaluation. It refers to product and personnel and proposal evaluation as well as to quality control and the grading of work samples. The text contains practical suggestions and procedures, comments and criticisms, as well as definitions and distinctions. The criteria for inclusion of an entry were that at least a few participants in workshops or classes requested it; a short account was poss...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Evaluation; Vocabulary
Downloads: 4
[texts]First Lessons in Geography - James Monteith

Keywords: definitions; geography; names; world; history
Downloads: 105
[movies]MTN Word Station ID's 5 - John Akre
Station ID's for the community TV station for Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Television Network.
Keywords: public access; community television; definitions
Downloads: 368
[audio]IAP 10 | Imagining a Planet - James Shelley
Using Northrope Frye's analogy of a "normal street" and Kenneth Burke's illustration of the "unending conversation" this episode explores the human creativity in society's norms and expectations, and reminds us that we are the ones who create the category "normal." For more episodes of Inventing a Planet, see our website.
Keywords: imagination; creativity; society; culture; normal; definitions
Downloads: 41
[texts]Geographical_glossary - Shivam Patel
A brief glossary of geographical terms
Keywords: geography; ks3; gcse; school; definitions
Downloads: 158
[texts]ERIC ED315430: A Glossary of Measurement Terms. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
A glossary of terms commonly used in discussing measurement is presented. Terms, arranged in alphabetical order, contain definitions as they pertain to the measurement field. Terms defined are: (1) achievement test; (2) age norms; (3) average; (4) battery; (5) ceiling; (6) criterion-referenced test; (7) diagnostic test; (8) domain-referenced test; (9) grade equivalent; (10) informal test; (11) inventory; (12) item; (13) norm; (14) normal curve equivalent; (15) norm-referenced test; (16) objectiv...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Glossaries; Measurement; Testing; Vocabulary
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED232698: Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books. A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. - ERIC
Intended for bookbinders and conservators of library and archival material and for those working in related fields, such as bibliography and librarianship, this dictionary contains definitions for the nomenclature of bookbinding and the conservation of archival material, illustrations of bookbinding equipment and processes, and biographical vignettes of notable binders. Details of the history of bookbinding and discussions of materials used are included, where applicable, in the definitions...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Archives; Biographies; Books; Definitions; Preservation
Downloads: 5
[texts]Analytical Greek Lexicon Alphabetical Inflexion Greek NT Scriptures. Bagster's ed.1870. - Author not identified. Bagster's edition of 1870.
Lexical Concordance of every Inflexion occuring in the Greek New Testament arranged Alphabetically with a Grammatical Analysis of every word and Lexicographical Illustration of the meanings, and a complete series of Paradigms with Grammatical Remarks. mjm,2009.
Keywords: Greek; new testament; grammar; definitions; lexical; meanings
Downloads: 1,483 (1 review)
[texts]A New English Dictionary On Historical Principles.10 Volumes with supplement and proposal volumes. - Oxford University Editors: Philogical Society: James A. H. Murray; Bradley, Little,Fowler, Coulson, Onions.etc.
The great English Dictionary of Oxford University and its Clarendon Press, known as NED and OED. Published in parts over half a century, then abridged and enlarged in several editions, and updated and revised up to the present. It is unrivaled and most valuable among reference works. Its history is filled with mystery and intrigue and instruction. Submitted by mjm, 2009.
Keywords: English; dictionary; historical; etymology; definitions; usage; words
Downloads: 3,531 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]Greek-EnglishLexicon GermanWork FrancisPassow.Liddell&Scott.1870. - H.G. Liddell & R. Scott, and H. Drisler. 1870 edition.
The earlier work based on Francis Passow's German lexicon and dictionary; it was very eary the standard resource for scholars and students of Greek and Hellenic studies. It has continued to be the unrivaled standard being revised and enlarged to keep apace with the knowledge and science of Greek lexicography. Always a most useful tool in all editions.mjm,2009.
Keywords: greek; dictionary; lexicon; Hellenic; etymology; definitions; useage
Downloads: 747
[texts]Optics - Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton Optics Dover Publications Inc. 1952 Acrobat 7 Pdf 16.8 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Physics; Opticks; Definitions; Axioms; Propositions; Theorems; Problems
Downloads: 1,751
[texts]ERIC ED206540: Charismatic Leadership: The Historical Development of a Political Concept. - ERIC
This paper examines the changing concept of charisma with the aim of distilling some useful meaning that may be applied to current political organizations and leaders. The author begins by exploring the different meanings of charisma and briefly overviewing how it has historically been applied. Charisma is of Greek origin literally meaning a gift, and was originally identified as a gift of grace or a divinely inspired calling to service, office, or leadership...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Leadership Qualities; Politics
Downloads: 2
[texts]CRC Encyclopedia Of Mathematics - Eric W. Weisstein
The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a compendium of mathematical definitions, formulas,figures, tabulations, and references.
Keywords: CRC; Encyclopedia; Mathematics; figures; definitions; formulas
Downloads: 5,482
[texts]Quanta - A Handbook of Concepts - P.W. Atkins
P.W. Atkins Quanta - A Handbook of Concepts Clarendon Press Oxford 1974 ( Oxford Chemistry Series vol 21 ) Acrobat 7 Pdf 58.3 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Physics; Chemistry; Quantum Theory Terminology; Definitions
Downloads: 2,301
[texts]xerox :: sdd :: memos 1977 :: 19771017 Mesa 3.0 Change Summary
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related :: sdd :: memos 1977 :: 19771017 Mesa 3.0 Change Summary
Keywords: mesa; definitions; module; modules; interface; signals; included; interfaces; imports; procedures; change summary; included definitions; control module; import export; export lister; definitions module
Downloads: 26
[texts]ERIC ED192469: An Operational Definition of Learning Disability and its Application to a Study of Juvenile Delinquents. - ERIC
The paper reviews various types of definitions of learning disabilities and presents the specific operational definition that was used in a study involving 1,105 adolescents on the relationship between learning disability and juvenile delinquency. The definition of learning disability is analyzed in terms of its principal components, types of approaches used, and varying levels of conceptualization...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Definitions; Delinquency; Exceptional Child Research; Learning Disabilities
Downloads: 1
[audio]ITEL Radio Fredrick Toben Interview 11.2.13 - Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch"
Dr. Fredrick Toben appears for one hour.  New "Holocaust definitions" are discussed, corrupt, obsessed judges, and more.  An entertaining interview.
Keywords: Fredrick Toben; Holocaust Religion Definitions; Freedom of Speech
Downloads: 13
[texts]ERIC ED198180: Evaluation Thesaurus. Second Edition. - ERIC
This thesaurus to the evaluation field is not restricted to educational evaluation or to program evaluation, but also refers to product, personnel, and proposal evaluation, as well as to quality control, the grading of work samples, and to all the other areas in which disciplined evaluation is practiced. It contains many suggestions, procedures, comments, criticisms, definitions and distinctions. Criteria for inclusion of an entry were: (1) at least a few participants in workshops or classes req...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Educational Assessment; Evaluation; Evaluation Methods; Thesauri
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED191119: Defining "Style" (with a Strategy for General Reform of Theatre Terminology). - ERIC
This discussion of the term "style" as it relates to the arts points to the need for reform in the terminology and the conceptual system of the drama profession. The paper first lists the basic tasks of conceptual and terminological reform and then outlines the steps necessary in reforming a particular term. These procedures are applied to a specific analysis of "style" and its meanings, resulting in the following tentative definition: "style" refers to the pattern of strategically individualize...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Acting; Concept Formation; Definitions; Drama; Theater Arts; Vocabulary
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED305509: Andragogy and Pedagogy: A Comment on Their Erroneous Usage. Training and Development Research Center Project Number Twenty-Nine. - ERIC
The use of the term "andragogy" to mean education of adults and the term "pedagogy" to mean education of children is etymologically inaccurate. Although pedagogy derives from "pais," meaning child, from antiquity pedagogy also has stood for education in general--without reference to learners' ages. Andragogy derives from "aner," meaning adult male and not adult of either sex. Given current efforts to purge English of sexist words, introduction of a term that excludes women is nonsensical...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Andragogy; Definitions; Etymology; Lexicology
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED295741: The Shy Child. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
This ERIC digest: (1) describes types and manifestations of shyness among children; (2) briefly reviews research on genetic, temperamental, and environmental influences on shyness; (3) distinguishes between normal and problematic shyness; and (4) suggests ways for parents and teachers to help the shy child by accepting the whole child, building the child's self-esteem, developing children's social skills, and allowing shy children to warm up to new situations...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Children; Definitions; Emotional Problems; Individual Characteristics; Personality
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED388231: Standardizing "HyperVocabulary": A Proposal. - ERIC
Vocabulary used to describe things that are "hyper" is very confusing. This paper discusses four factor which contribute to the confusion: the same idea is often described using different terms; even though people sometimes use the same terms, quite often they are referring to different ideas; people tend to confuse "hyperdocuments" with electronic documents; and the relationship among definitions of the vocabulary is often inconsistent...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Electronic Text; Hypermedia; Multimedia Materials; Standards; Vocabulary
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED266593: Glossary of Dependent Measures from the Employment Training Project. - ERIC
The paper presents a list of definitions of dependent measures from published and unpublished reports on employment training for disabled persons. Explanations are offered for 38 terms such as "accepts criticism,""arrival behaviors,""bus riding,""complaining,""disagreements,""drooling,""following a a schedule,""meal preparation,""sweeping responses,""verbal abuse," and "work behavior, compliant." Each of the definitions cites a relevant reference...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Disabilities; Employment; Job Skills; Vocational Adjustment
Downloads: 1
[texts]Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package)
Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package) Update Norton Antivirus virus definitions and antivirus products of multiple versions.Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package)Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package), norton antivirus definitions update (x86 package)Version 03/04/2Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package) Try Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package) 2014 -- DOWNLOAD LICENSE!There are many thus called betting systems about...
Keywords: Norton AntiVirus Definitions Update (x86 Package) Download
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED288644: Abstraction of Prototypes, Schemata, and Superordinate Relations. - ERIC
In this paper, individuals with no background in cognitive psychology are provided an introduction to the cognitivists' concepts of prototypes, schemata, and superordinate relations. A prototype is a most-typical instance, a composite, or an average of items in a particular set and serves as a mental representation of the set. A schema, script, or story grammar is a sequence of features that typically occur in a common event or story...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Behavior; Cognitive Psychology; Definitions; Schemata (Cognition); Story Grammar
Downloads: 4
[texts]xerox :: mesa :: 4.0 1978 :: listing :: Mesa 4 Debug :: DebuggerDefs.mesa Sep78
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related :: mesa :: 4.0 1978 :: listing :: Mesa 4 Debug :: DebuggerDefs.mesa Sep78
Keywords: procedure; returns; type; error; pointer; definitions; calculations; coreswapdefs; symdefs; bcddefs
Downloads: 16
[texts]ERIC ED334756: Dyslexia. - ERIC
The bibliography on dyslexia has approximately 110 listings representing a variety of resources published from 1972 to 1990. A definition of dyslexia is also provided. Materials available in the reference collection of the Library of Congress Science Reading Room are identified. Publications and other resources are grouped according to the following categories: introductions; Library of Congress subject headings; basic texts; guides for parents and teachers; additional titles; related titles; bi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Child Rearing; Definitions; Dyslexia; Information Sources; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED332413: Glossary of Acronyms, Laws, and Terms for Parents Whose Children Have Emotional Handicaps. Families as Allies Project. Second Edition. - ERIC
This reference guide provides a glossary of over 80 acronyms relevant to the area of serving children with emotional handicaps. It lists eight federal laws by their commonly used abridged names (such as Section 504) and notes the formal name of each law and its purpose. The guide also provides definitions for almost 100 terms important in the emotional handicaps field, such as oppositional disorder, least restrictive environment, and adjudicated...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Abbreviations; Definitions; Emotional Disturbances; Federal Legislation; Vocabulary
Downloads: 7
[texts]xerox :: mesa :: 4.0 1978 :: listing :: Mesa 4 Compiler :: P5ADefs.mesa Sep78
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related :: mesa :: 4.0 1978 :: listing :: Mesa 4 Compiler :: P5ADefs.mesa Sep78
Keywords: procedure; returns; mesa; pointer; definitions; stackoff; sei; procedure returns
Downloads: 18
[texts]xerox :: mesa :: 3.0 1977 :: listing :: WManagerDefs.mesa Oct77
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related :: mesa :: 3.0 1977 :: listing :: WManagerDefs.mesa Oct77
Keywords: procedure; integer; array; loophol; pointer; type; windowmanager; pointfr; program; definitions
Downloads: 17
[texts]ERIC ED352780: Learning Disabilities: Glossary of Some Important Terms. ERIC Digest #E517. - ERIC
This digest presents definitions of 30 important terms in the field of learning disabilities. They are: accommodations, assistive technology, attention deficit disorder, brain imaging techniques, brain injury, collaboration, developmental aphasia, direct instruction, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dysnomia, dyspraxia, learned helplessness, learning modalities, learning strategy approaches, learning styles, locus of control, metacognitive learning, minimal brain dysfunction, multisensory lear...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Elementary Secondary Education; Learning Disabilities
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED205460: A Glossary of Legislative Terms. - ERIC
This reference booklet defines legislative terms. It was written to help school board members communicate more effectively and knowledgeably with agencies of the federal government. It is not intended to be a comprehensive or "academic" glossary, since such a publication would be encumbered by all of the detailed technical language associated with lawmaking. Rather, the focus is on the essential terminology of the legislative process, and to a lesser extent, that of the executive function...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Federal Legislation; Hearings; Laws; Legislation; Lobbying
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED320406: A Rebuttal of Essential Sociolinguistics. - ERIC
The Aristotelian approach to definition, labeled essentialism, is examined, and its relationship to sociolinguistics is discussed. Aristotle taught that a definition points to the essence of something, perhaps by naming it, and then describes it. Popper criticized this approach to definition as overly verbose in that it invites an infinite regression of definitions, and is not helpful in understanding the universe...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Foreign Countries; Linguistic Theory; Sociolinguistics
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED382661: Delimiting the Verbal Domain. - ERIC
A functional analysis was made of the verbal domain as it is defined by the test development process at the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The thesis of the study was that the verbal domain consists of semantic relations that examinees must interpret. Test developers used a system of rules to sample stimulus materials from among infinite possibilities that elicit an interpretive response. Many of these rules were codified and others were in different stages of formation, beginning in the use...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Definitions; Job Analysis; Semantics; Test Construction; Verbal Ability
Downloads: 9
[texts]xerox :: mesa :: 4.0 1978 :: listing :: Mesa 4 Debug :: DebugUtilityDefs.mesa Sep78
From the collection, a scanned-in computer-related :: mesa :: 4.0 1978 :: listing :: Mesa 4 Debug :: DebugUtilityDefs.mesa Sep78
Keywords: procedure; returns; signal; processdefs; coreswapdefs; definitions; locdef; rfturns; getprocesspriority; findoriginal
Downloads: 28
[texts]ERIC ED248625: Who's Crazy? II. - ERIC
The notion of what is meant by the term "crazy" is explored and certain aspects of the educational system are labeled "crazy." The confusing array of federal and state policies dealing with students with emotional disturbances is noted, and questions are posed to educators and practitioners to illustrate the need to be open to new knowledge and new information. Aspects of society considered crazy include mankind's mistreatment and exploitation of the environment...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Behavior Disorders; Definitions; Emotional Disturbances
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED212522: Consumer Behavior: Its Scope and Boundary. - ERIC
Consumer behavior can be conceptualized by introducing a theoretical framework which defines its scope and boundary and identifies six developmental levels. The infancy stage, Level I, is the study of consumer behavior referred to as the scientific study of psychological structure and process dynamics of individuals consuming an economic good exchanged by a business organization while satisfying consumers at maximal profit...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Consumer Economics; Consumer Protection; Definitions; Marketing
Downloads: 2
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